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Caeden’s Story

I’ve been meaning to post this little excerpt up for a while now. Clearly, I haven’t. Hope you enjoy! The young boy tottered out of the door to the small house, arms outstretched in front of him. His eyes were a pale, milky white, in stark contrast to his deep ebony skin. His motion had […]

The First War

So there’s been radio silence on here for a while about my new writing project, and I think it’s about time to change that. My writing has been progressing, though it’s going much, much more slowly than I’d originally anticipated. I have first drafts of chapters 5-8 (yes, I started writing chapter 5 first) complete […]

On Bloodmagic

So for several months, I’ve had an idea for a story that I’d like to tell that has been taking shape within my head. At first, I was going to make this story and world the setting for a role-playing game, but as it has matured I’ve decided that it would be very difficult to […]