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NaNo 2011: Chapter 19 – Transfiguration

Author’s Note: I am now fully in the thrall of the “just get the dang words on the page” portion of NaNoWriMo. The last few chapters (of which I think there will be 6 more) are displaying substantially less polish, and will probably leave some open ends hanging. In an ideal world, I would come […]

NaNo 2011: Chapter 18 – Freedom

Cameron miserably curled up in his cell.  The last several days had been miserable – possibly the worst days of his life.  He was now sure that he was suffering from some form of hallucinations, probably induced by the Truthsayer, Baltasar.  That didn’t make him feel any better when they came upon him.  There were […]

NaNo 2011: Chapter 17 – Lost and Found

Percival was lost.  He’d been away from Castle Whitefall for nearly two weeks, and he hadn’t seen any sign of the escaped prisoners.  He also didn’t really know how to get back to Whitefall.  However, even if he did, he was determined to accomplish his mission before he returned.  He was going to make everything […]

NaNo 2011: Chapter 16 – Army

If being within ten feet of a single Chimera was nerve-wracking, being in the middle of a few thousand of them was positively frightening, and not a little awe-inspiring.  As Josiah and Idriys followed along behind Sub-nakht-re, they couldn’t help but shiver whenever one of the creatures turned its pale golden eyes upon them, looking […]

NaNo 2011: Chapter 15 – Return to Whitefall

Cameron collapsed on the floor of the jail cell, unable to comprehend the last two days.  He had finally managed to escape from prison, only to be recaptured and sent right back.  Only this time, he didn’t have any companions.  Josiah and Idriys had left him.  The White King’s Warlocks had bound and gagged him […]

NaNo 2011: Chapter 14 – Chimerae

“Go back!  We have to go back!” shouted Idriys as Sub-nakht-re tore up the side of the mountain.  He could still hear the shouts of the soldiers and Warlocks as they regrouped and looked for a path up the cliff face.  “Cameron is back there!” Idriys shouted again. “There is no time,” responded the Chimera.  […]

NaNo 2011: Chapter 13 – Sub-nakht-re

Meanwhile, in a low river valley that cut through the rolling foothills at the base of the Cedarbrook mountains, Josiah, Idriys, and Cameron sat, bundled in the warmest things they had, trying to keep out the creeping cold.  The towering grey clouds ominously covering the tops of the Cedarbrook signaled that the season’s first snowfall […]

NaNo 2011: Chapter 12 – Percival Again

“GREEAAYYARGGGHH!” Percival the Troll yawned deeply, stretching his arms wide and twisting this way and that to get that nice popping noise from his back.  If anyone unfamiliar with trolls had been present at that instant, they may have commented on the fact that Percival’s yawns and his roars sounded remarkably similar.  However, perhaps surprisingly, […]

Nano 2011: Chapter 11 – Intruders

There was a nervous cough, and Ser Robert looked up wearily to see Duke Edmond backing out of Robert’s room, an embarrassed expression on his face.  “I am sorry, m’lord,” the Duke muttered.  “I saw the light in here, and thought perhaps…” his voice trailed off, as though he wasn’t entirely sure what he thought […]

NaNo 2011: Chapter 10 – The Physician’s Journal

Ser Robert sighed heavily, rubbing his eyes in a vain attempt to clear the sleep from his mind.  It had been three days since he had slept, and the lack of sleep was beginning to impair him, even with the help of the Tao.  Of course, it had been much longer than that since he […]