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My Own Pet Two-Year-Old

I’ve been going through some of the older things that I’ve written and came across this little gem: I realized something the other day: I’m a fake. The person that everyone else in the entire world knows as “me” is a lying, deceitful, two-faced imposter. See, they all think that I’m an adult. Calm, composed, […]

god in a box

when i was little i put god in a box. he didn’t fit very well, but that was ok. i would go look at the box, and think about all the things god was going to do for me and how happy he was going to make me. sort of like Disneyland. then I got […]


i am just a tadpole swimming in this tiny pothole that filled up with water when the deluge started so maybe i don’t know anything but as i peek out over the edge of the cracked concrete and loose rubble that makes possible my existence and see the flash of blue-white fire arcing from heaven […]