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Chapter 6: Facebook is Evil

The last chapter I spent talking about real relationships. This chapter is all about fake ones. If you spend any appreciable time talking about computer-related things with me, you’ve probably heard me talk about the evils of Facebook. If you haven’t heard this particular rant from me before, let me sum it up for you […]

Chapter 5: Building Relationships

One of the things that you’ll quickly figure out if you spend very much time around me is that I’m pretty introverted. I’ve had some people tell me that they don’t believe this about me, but trust me, it’s true. I’m an introvert. I just hide it well. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking […]

Chapter 4: The Land Between

As I was growing up, there was no question in my mind that I was going to go to college somewhere. My parents both strongly encouraged me in this direction from a very young age, and when I was ten or eleven, I set my heart on my dream school. We’d gotten a mailer from […]

Chapter 3: The Excluded Middle

There’s an axiom of formal logic and philosophy called the Law of the Excluded Middle (sorry, I’m a mathematician at heart, so I can’t help but bring it up from time to time). Now, despite the fact that this thing is called a “Law”, it’s really an axiom. That means you can’t prove it or […]

Chapter 2: Into the Deep End

My name is David Robert Morrison. I am the son of Robert Darsie Morrison and Barbara Jane Morrison; I was born in Colorado Springs, and I was a week late. I was 9 pounds and some number of ounces, which I always thought was pretty normal-sized until all my friends starting having 9-pound babies and […]

Chapter 1: Who I Am

It’s a tricky thing to sit down and try to figure out how to start a book like this. Actually, I hesitate to really even call it a “book”, because (while I hope to get at least a few copies printed and bound) I’m probably not going to be putting tons of time into things […]


[Author’s note: “The Big Book About Me” is a collection of stories and essays about my life that I wrote in 2012. It was primarily intended as a gift for my family, but I shared it with a number of other people as well. I had intentions of sharing it more broadly, but it never […]

god in a box

when i was little i put god in a box. he didn’t fit very well, but that was ok. i would go look at the box, and think about all the things god was going to do for me and how happy he was going to make me. sort of like Disneyland. then I got […]


i am just a tadpole swimming in this tiny pothole that filled up with water when the deluge started so maybe i don’t know anything but as i peek out over the edge of the cracked concrete and loose rubble that makes possible my existence and see the flash of blue-white fire arcing from heaven […]

NaNo 2011: Deconstruction IV – On Theft and Villainy

Yes, more spoilers here. I also spoil some other books, too, but hopefully not too badly. This will be the last post of mine in the NaNo deconstruction series; in this post, I wanted to talk about some of my inspiration. But first, I want to start with an inspirational quote I just thought of […]