Ink is a space for me to share my thoughts about life and the world. It’s a space designed for long-form essays, poetry, fiction, and pretty much any other type of writing that suits my fancy. I don’t have a defined theme towards the things that I’ll be writing, but I hope that they will be of interest to you, or at the very least thought-provoking! It is certainly a thought-provoking process for me to write the things that are here, and my hope is that I can show you a bit more about who I am, as well as to make you think a bit about who you are.

Anyways, that’s about all I want to say here. One final note, or really a “ground rule” if you’d like to call it that. Some of the things I want to write about are controversial. I welcome all views about all topics on this blog, because I believe that disagreement is healthy for society, for you as an individual, and for me as a writer and human being. However, this blog is also my house on the Internet, and I will not tolerate hatred, vitriol, or bile in my house. Therefore, before you comment (particularly on posts regarding politics or religion) make sure what you have to say is uplifting, even if you disagree with what I say.