[Author’s note: “The Big Book About Me” is a collection of stories and essays about my life that I wrote in 2012. It was primarily intended as a gift for my family, but I shared it with a number of other people as well. I had intentions of sharing it more broadly, but it never really happened. I actually had it “published” on Lulu, but it appears that in the last couple of years the hard-copy version has disappeared from their site. I’m not too worried about it. The book will be reproduced in whole and unchanged here, though I’m planning to do some follow-up posts to discuss things that have happened since I wrote TBBAM. Actually, in a way, this book was part of the inspiration for me reviving this blog — I have a lot of things that I want to say about a lot of different things, and being able to write them down is one of the best ways I can communicate these ideas. With that, I present “The Big Book About Me”]

The title of this document is a bit tongue-in-cheek (if I were a hipster, I’d say it was ironic. But sadly, I haven’t ironed any of my plaid shirts recently); first of all, in the grand scheme of things, 80 pages really isn’t all that big. Secondly, it kind of reminds me of a baby book that you’d give to new parents; and third, it sounds kind of pompous in a hilarious sort of way. “Look at me! I’m so cool I wrote a book all about me! I’m amazing!”

“What’s that you say? A 80-page book about me isn’t very impressive? Oh…”

Anyways, probably no one else thinks the title is very funny. You can ask the people in my family; they all think my jokes are pretty lame. I just say they’re all humor-impaired (which, oddly enough is the same thing my dad and my grandpa say about their jokes. I wonder if there’s a pattern here…)

Anyways, I don’t have too much else to say here, and I probably should stop talking before this devolves any further, but I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to write this book, and thank you for reading it.

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