god in a box

when i was little i put god in a box.
he didn’t fit very well, but that was ok.
i would go look at the box,
and think about
all the things god was going to do for me
and how happy he was going to make me.
sort of like Disneyland.

then I got a bit older, and discovered that
I needed a bigger box for god, because, see,
he wasn’t doing all of the things for Me that I
wanted him to,
and he certainly wasn’t making Me happy.
so I went out and found a bigger box and
stuffed him in it.

then some more time passed
and God went and outgrew the dang box again!
silly God.
begrudgingly I went looking for another one,
and finally found one I thought would be
this box was a little bit more beat up
and world-worn
and it had a few holes I thought God might
be able to sneak through if the box got too small
for Him again.

and then i think God got a little tired
of being in a box all the time,
because He took one look at it and said,
“how Am I supposed to
evoke wonder
if you keep forcing Me to fit in your box?”

so sheepishly i put the box away,
and then i saw a God that was so
beyond comprehension
and scary
that i got the box back out and
crawled into it.

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